PalmTec® Door

PalmTec® Door is born in the current trend towards higher mobility and modern design that demands the use of thicker material to convey contemporary design and high quality solid door. Lower weight, optimized stability for design and eco-friendly are requirements which a modern door must fulfill.

PalmTec® Door is the first solid door manufactured using Palm Wood on industrial scale in Malaysia. It is made from hardwood timber as door frame and from either MDF or plywood top and bottom layers, combined with Palm Wood as core material.

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Your Benefits with PalmTec® Door

  • Weight reduced by 30 per cent, yet solid and sturdy
  • Stable core material, minimal door warping
  • Eco-friendly-by-product of crop plantation and certified by the Malaysia Government
  • Low formaldehyde
  • Easy handling
  • Low energy, transport and packaging cost
  • Core material is resistant to water and termite